Valgus Profoot (Valgus profut) - fixer-corrector large finger night

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Get rid of the bones on the legs during sleep!

Valgus Profoot (Valgus profut) - fixer-corrector of the thumb night

The hallux valgus causes not only aesthetic distress, but also a lot of health problems.

Since the bone is constantly under pressure, the joint becomes inflamed (arthritis).

Degenerative-dystrophic changes in the joints and discomfort are provided.

There are many reasons for the appearance of the bone.

For example:

Transverse flat feet

Weakness of the ligamentous apparatus

Uncomfortable shoes with high heels and narrow toes

Professional nuances (working in an upright position for a long time) and so on.

How to get rid of hallux valgus?

Everything is much easier than you think!

A big toe brace will help you.

How does Valgus Profoot work?

The main feature is that the healing effect is achieved during sleep, when the muscles and ligaments are completely relaxed.

Rigid fixation of the thumb joint promotes quick fusion in the correct position.

It is thanks to the complete absence of stress on the forefoot during the use of Valgus Profoot that deformation is quickly relieved.

The fixation is carried out due to elastic and soft materials that fit the foot, as well as reliable fasteners.

How to use the night fixer?

Remove the tire from the packaging.

In the kit you will find two correctors marked R (right leg), L (left leg)

Insert your thumb into the retainer so that the soft pad is outside, and the phalanx is retracted to the side

Draw the blue strap around the leg, thread it through the hook

Fix the most convenient angle of deflection of the finger with the help of blue puffs

Fix the fastener with the set angle thanks to the Velcro

Enjoy your vacation.

After a night's sleep, it is necessary to remove the correctors by first unfastening the blue fasteners.

It is recommended to wear a night bandage daily.

The duration of the course depends on the degree of development of the disease.

You can forget about the illness forever in just a few months.

And if you want to speed up the treatment and get rid of unpleasant symptoms as quickly as possible, it is recommended to buy a bandage for the daytime.

This accessory will allow you to feel comfortable while walking and relieve unnecessary stress on the joint.

We also recommend the supervision of an orthopedist, who can, in addition to Valgus Profoot, offer you physiotherapy, massages and anti-inflammatory drugs.

The main advantages of Valgus Profoot:

Leather elements are stitched with threads

Porous and soft material

Adjustable for any foot size

Adjustable by deflection angle

Reliable and durable clasp

Elimination of the inflammatory process and relief from pain

Invisibility when using (while sleeping)

Quality materials that do not cause allergies or irritations.



Material: durable hypoallergenic medical plastic, porous soft material, leather, nylon.

Manufacturer: development - Japan, production - China (high quality!)

Package contents: 1 pair in the package (2 pieces, for left and right legs).

Size: tires are dimensionless (adjustable for any foot size).


Manufacturer country


A type

Foot corrector

Brand name


Package weight, g

one hundred

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