Salt hot water bottle Torg Lines 'Turtle', color in assortment

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Salt hot water bottle

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Made in the form of a child's toy, which will allow you to treat a child in a playful way.

With such a heating pad, the child can not only keep warm but also play.

It is intended for warming up the chest instead of mustard plasters for children and adults with the following diseases: bronchitis, tracheitis and acute respiratory infections.

Replaces 4 thousand mustard plasters and gives the same dry heat.

In addition, the applicator is not only more effective than mustard plasters for medicinal purposes, but also economically beneficial.

Mustard plasters have side effects - they irritate the skin and cause allergies.

Salt heating pad is a source of instant healing heat. Only environmentally friendly materials are used in the manufacture of heating pad. Saline solution is a non-toxic solution of salt used in food industry and medicine.

Features of heating pads:

easy to use, instantly warmed up to a temperature of +54 oС.

keep a comfortable temperature for the body from 30 to 60 minutes (depending on the size of the heating pad) can be used as a cold compress do not cause burns and irritation can withstand more than 2000 heat hours

Mode of application:

Press the activator on the metal side with your finger.

We would like to draw your attention to the following misunderstandings that may arise at the first possibilities of using the heating pad: press the metal membrane correctly, on the wide side of the metal starter.

When you press, you should hear the click, if you did not hear it, then you did not press hard enough.

You can use a pencil (soft side) to turn on the heating pad. After the solution crystallizes, knead the heating pad evenly.

Place the heating pad on the painful or frozen area of ​​the body.

Recovery method:

After use, wrap the heating pad in a cloth and boil for 10-15 minutes until the crystals are completely dissolved.

The heating pad is ready for use again.

Method of application as a cold compress:

Place the heating pad in the freezer of the refrigerator for 30-40 minutes. Apply to the sore spot.

Contraindications for use:


open wounds



acute inflammatory processes.


Quantity (pieces) in packaging: 1

130mm length x 190mm width x 10mm height

Weight: 250g

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A type

Salt hot water bottle

Manufacturer country


Package weight, g


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