Salt hot water bottle Torg Lines 'Big collar', orange color

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Salt hot water bottle

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Salt heating pad is an effective prophylactic and therapeutic agent.

Instantly warms up due to the heat of solution crystallization.

Always ready to use.

Eliminates scalding by providing an optimal temperature for deep heating.

Available in various shapes and sizes to effectively target different areas of the body.

It is an autonomous heat source.

Provides comfort at home and outdoors and heating in extreme situations.

Extremely simple and safe.

Can be used as a coolant after cooling in a household freezer.


The heating pad is a durable sealed plastic bag with a non-toxic sodium acetate solution used in the food industry and medicine.

The solution contains a button - an activator, which is a metal membrane in a plastic case.

When the membrane is pressed, a crystallization center is formed, causing a phase transition of the solution from a liquid to a solid state with the release of heat and heating up to + 54 ° C.

To use external cold, the heating pad in the restored (liquid) state - cool in the freezer for 30-60 minutes.

The heating pad should not be cooled to a temperature below minus 8 ° C, as the solution itself will crystallize with the release of heat.


To turn on the heater, press firmly on the ribbed side of the metal plate of the activator button floating inside the heater.

Repeat pressing until the solution begins to crystallize, with a white wave spreading from the activator button with the effect of heating a heating pad.

Wait a few seconds for the heat to spread throughout the bag and vigorously knead the heating pad in your hands (like dough). Apply a soft and elastic heating pad heated to + 54 ° C to the heated place, easily adapting to the body contours.

For children under three years of age and people with sensitive skin, it is recommended to wrap the heating pad in a cloth.

For newborns, a heating pad is placed at a distance of 5-6 cm from the outstretched legs of the child.


At a convenient time for you, the heating pad is easily restored, i.e.

is transferred to the original (liquid) state, in which it can be for an unlimited period.

To do this, wrap the heating pad with a cloth and boil in water until the crystals disappear completely (10-20 minutes, depending on the size).

When boiling, the heating pad is also sterilized.

Remove the heating pad from the water and cool to room temperature.

The heating pad is ready for reuse.

During the cooling period, you can use the Russian stove heating pad as a traditional heating pad.


Do not place the heating pad in the microwave.

Protect the heating pad from cuts and punctures.

Do not use sharp objects to remove the heating pad from boiling water.

A heating pad with a leak is not repairable.

The foil and the contents of the heating pad are not dangerous for your health.

If the solution gets on your body or clothing, rinse the area with water.

When cooled below -8 ° C, the solution crystallizes itself.Store the heating pad in a restored (liquid) state

The appearance of crystals in the form of snowflakes is allowed in the heating pad, which does not affect the operation of the heating pad. Before carrying out physiotherapy procedures, consult your doctor.


- medicine - heating a cold bed - in cold transport - when working in the cold - heating medicines - on camping trips and in the country - for fishermen and hunters - cooling food and drinks during transportation - temperature comfort on a hot day - comfort at home and in the office

INDICATIONS FOR USE OF HEATER - radiculitis, neuritis, neuralgia, sciatica, myositis, arthritis, - osteochondrosis - chronic inflammatory processes - consequences of injuries, fractures - diseases of the ear, nose, throat - migraines caused by spasm of the cerebral vessels - skin care (thermal mask)

CONTRAINDICATIONS - acute diseases

- acute abdominal pain caused by the inflammatory process (appendicitis, cholecystitis, pancryotitis, peritonitis, stomach ulcer, ovarian cyst) - the first day after injury - bleeding of any origin - skin damage, infected wounds - malignant tumors

INDICATIONS FOR THE APPLICATION OF COLD COMPRESS - acute local inflammatory processes - migraines - bruises, sprains (in the first hours) - postoperative period (determined by the doctor) - nosebleeds - with insect bites

- at high temperatures


A type

Salt hot water bottle

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