Polymer bandage IR-0043, hard fixation Cast, pink, 10 cm � 3.6 m

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South Korea

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Polymer bandage


Polymer bandages INTRARICH CAST and INTRARICH CAST SOFT are a modern replacement for traditional plaster.

Lightweight and durable polymer bandages (plastic plaster") for the manufacture of comfortable and reliable fixing dressings in traumatology and orthopedics.

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Features and benefits of INTRARICH polymer bandages:

- belong to the category of modern environmentally friendly materials for immobilization

- 5 sizes, wide range of bright colors

- pass X-rays, which allows you to take clear pictures without removing the blindfold

- stronger than gypsum while maintaining lightness (15% lighter than gypsum), durability and aesthetics of the polymer

- do not contain fiberglass !!!

- hypoallergenic - the bandage is made of 100% knitted polyester, which avoids the risk of irritation of the skin and upper respiratory tract

- do not impede air exchange between the skin surface and the environment (allows the skin to "breathe")

- waterproof

- perfect fit, shape and smoothness of the dressing

- quick and easy bandage application minimizes discomfort

- polyester does not crumble when removing the bandage

- the presence of a semi-rigid INTRARICH CAST SOFT for functional treatment

- bright colors without adding value.

Recommended areas of application for modern plastic plaster:

- whenever the use of a plaster cast is indicated

- to immobilize body parts after injury

- for immobilization after operations on bones, tendons, joints, muscles

- combined dressings (longeto-circular)

- combination of a rigid bandage INTRARICH CAST with a semi-rigid INTRARICH CAST SOFT - a method of functional immobilization in the treatment of fractures and diabetic foot syndrome.

for orthopedic correction.

Polymer bandages INTRARICH CAST and CAST SOFT consist of woven polyester threads impregnated with polyurethane resin.

When the material is exposed to water, a chemical polymerization reaction occurs, after which the dressing hardens.

This reaction lasts from 3 to 15 minutes and is irreversible, that is, the dressing does not collapse when wet again.

After the polymerization reaction, the resulting polymer bandage provides complete fixation of the injured segment and is individual for the patient.

Studies have shown that synthetic resin and related materials can be disposed of as usual without special means and without damaging the environment, which meets the most stringent environmental requirements.


This product is intended for use by qualified medical personnel only!

It is FORBIDDEN to use this product at home! The bandage is impregnated with a special polymer glue, so the use of the bandage is allowed only with gloves, and the bandage is applied only to a special lining material to eliminate the risk of the glue coming into contact with the skin surface.

It is FORBIDDEN to open, make punctures, cuts or in any other way violate the tightness of the foil package!

If the integrity of the package is violated, the bandage hardens within 5 minutes and becomes unsuitable for further use.

Only medical personnel can open the package immediately before using the bandage.


360x10 cm


Dimensions, mm


Amount in a package


Manufacturer country

South Korea

Brand name


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Polymer bandage



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