Orthopedic corset (reclinator) reinforced for adults KK-02 size XL

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Orthopedic corset



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How to choose the size of the product:


The length of the item does NOT depend on your height.

It is necessary to measure BACK LENGTH from the seventh cervical vertebra to the base of the sacrum.

* SIZE - the sum of two measurements (waist circumference and hip circumference) divided by two

BACK LENGTH 45-48 cm:

No. - size

S0 - 66-76 cm

M0 - 74-86 cm

L0 - 84-96 cm

XL0 - 92-110cm

BACK LENGTH 49-52 cm:

No. - size

S - 66-76 cm

M - 74-86 cm

L - 84-96 cm

XL - 92-110 cm

BACK LENGTH 53-56 cm:

No. - size

S1 - 66-76 cm

M1 - 74-86 cm

L1 - 84-96 cm

XL1 - 92-110 cm


2 simulated removable metal stiffeners

2 plastic short side ribs

double brace

inextensible corrective adjustable straps (see photo)

padded overlays on the shaping straps

breathable moisture-wicking materials with a high cotton content

color: beige

Indications for use:

posture disorders

compression fractures of the vertebral bodies 1- 2 degrees of compression

rehabilitation period after concomitant injuries and spinal surgeries

osteochondrosis, spondylosis

herniated intervertebral discs

spinal deformity (kyphosis, grade 1-2 scoliosis)

Scheuermann-Mau disease, Calve

displacement, instability of the vertebrae

prevention of fractures in osteoporosis

consult a specialist before use


no absolute contraindications identified

Relative contraindications require medical advice:

scoliosis of III-IV degree

complicated spinal injuries with spinal cord injury

the need for individual orthosis of the spine

the presence of contact dermatitis, trophic ulcers and pressure sores in the area of ​​application of the reclinator

an allergic reaction to the materials of which the product is made

relative contraindications: individual intolerance, pustular infection, open lesions of the skin, local dermatitis of various nature

apply the posture corrector as directed and under the supervision of a doctor

Instructions for use:

put on underwear, having previously modeled the stiffeners according to the figure

Product Care:

hand wash at 30 ° С, wash only with fastened contact Velcro, do not rub or squeeze the product, dry flattened away from heating devices, do not iron, do not use solvents, bleaches and dry cleaning

Quality control and manufacturing process in accordance with the standards and principles of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Reimbursement from the FSS

Products meet the requirements of the international standard EN ISO 13485: 2016


Manufacturer country


A type

Orthopedic corset



Brand name


Package weight, g


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